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About Us

Where We Started
New Life Greenhouses had its origin in 1979 when 4.5-ha greenhouses (yielding English cucumbers and tomatoes) was constructed on a 276-ha grape and citrus farm in the Drakenstein Valley, Paarl. In 1980 the concept officially launched, and New Life Greenhouses started manufacturing greenhouses for farmers wishing to diversify their operations.

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Where We Are Now
Now, 40 years later we have proven success as national greenhouse manufacturers in turn-key commercial and greenhouse farming projects. We are proud to state that we have assisted hundreds of farmers across South Africa to establish and maintain successful and lucrative greenhouse businesses of their own.
Heading Forward
Each project brought to us offers up unique challenges that encourages innovative, cost effective and viable solutions. From using old steam locomotives in the 80’s to heat greenhouses to constructing our own components, our workshop and team will find a way to get you growing!

No matter how small or big your ideas are we are here to turn them into reality. We believe in providing our clients with the best quality and service from the beginning and by doing this we help them grow.


New Life Greenhouses can design, construct and install single or multi-span structures, seedling tunnels and net houses.
The galvanised steel framework of your chosen structure can be covered with any of the following: specialised UVA diffuse greenhouse plastic, Polycarbonate plastic, a variety of netting or ‘multiwall’.
We can provide advice and installation on a variety of irrigation systems: drip, overhead, sprinkler, misting, fogging, gravity fed or fully automated etc.
Climate Systems
Climate systems are an optional extra and can include humidifying, de-humidifying, heating, cooling (wet walls and fans), atmosphere (misting, fogging) etc. Depending on your needs, systems can vary from analogue to fully automated.
Ad-Hoc Services
New Life can also provide or help source growing & seedling mediums (coco coir, wood shavings etc), seeds, small tools, and equipment such as trailing wire, seedling trays, spray pumps and more.
Consult & Train
Full turn-key systems are available on request that includes staff training and advice throughout your first growing season. New Life Greenhouses not only provides structures but aims to ensure a healthy growing environment and practices to enhance productivity. It is a passion!

What We Do

Enviroment Managing
Small to Large Scale
Maximise Production
Ozone Treatment
Climate Control
Water Systems
Customized Systems
Rail Systems
Specialized Industries like
bees, snails, tissue culture,
research enviroments and more.
Turn-Key Solutions
Sourcing plants
We Provide staff training and advice throughout your first growing season


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Call: +27 21 023 2003


Email: hello@newlifegreenhouses.co.za


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